Create more sites in SmartWeb



If you are thinking about expanding your website to other countries? Then SmartWeb made it easy for you!


With MultiSite it is easy for you to create several different sites and manage the settings across of these sites, without having to think about multiple logins. With only one login you get an overview of all your websites. You have even the possibility to choose different designs that fits exactly your needs and expectations.

With MultiSite you can:

  • Make different designs for your sites
  • Manage language, contact information etc. per. site
  • Link different domains to the differnet sites
  • And much more.


See how easily you can get started on the "Get Started" tab.

It is easy to get started with this integration. The only thing you have to do is:


  • Log in to your SmartWeb Website
  • Click on "My subscription" left on the screen
  • Click on "Usermodule"
  • Click on "Multisite"
  • Choose number of sites


The app will now be available for you next time you log in to your website.


To any extra website you buy, you automatically get one langauge included.


Read more about prices under the "price" section.

Multisite is the easiet and cheapest way to set up more websites in SmartWeb.


Instead of paying for an entire new website subscription you can set up extra sites much cheaper by buying this integration.


When you buy Multisite, you choose how many extra sites you want.


The price for the Multisite integration is pr. month pr. extra site.


There is ONE langauge included each extra site.

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20 EUR/month per extra site