Send newsletters to your customers and renew their interest through offers, campaigns, news and other interesting information about your website. The newsletter module enables you to easily compose and send a professional newsletter to your target audience.  

A well-constructed newsletter can prove itself to be a highly communication channel to your visitors. No matter if the purpose is to increase traffic on the website or general branding, the newsletter is a great tool. By adding the newsletter module to your SmartWeb solution, you can send newsletters to all of your customers for free - and there are no quantitative limitations. 

How the newsletter module works. 

The newsletter module enables you to compose and send an unlimited number of electronic newsletters to your customers. The composition is done in the same editor as SmartWeb CMS, which makes it easy for you to create your own design. While you work on the newsletter, you can save it as a draft until you send it. 

The newsletter module gives you access to a user-friendly subscription and cancellation form, which can be inserted on your website. The subscriptions and cancellations are automatically registered in SmartWeb CMS, allowing you to effortlessly sending large amounts of newsletter. It is however not a requirement that the receiver has subscribed - you decide how you want to use the newsletter function. 

Before sending the newsletter you have to choose, whether the newsletter is to be sent to single persons, to specific user groups or to every customer connected to your website.



Below is the list of functions included in the newsletter module. 

  • Compose e-mail campaigns
  • Send to single costumers or chosen user groups
  • E-mail template with logo etc.
  • Customers can subscribe/cancel on the website