Smartweb mail

SmartWeb Mail

Administer you company's e-mails in SmartWeb.

In order to avoid any external administration panels, SmartWeb has chosen to integrate the e-mail administration directly in the system. Thereby, you only have to remember one password - which makes it easier for you. 

This is how the integration works

After logging into the SmartWeb you will be able to administer all e-mail accounts of the company. From the control panel it is possible to create e-mail addresses for your domains, change data, automatic answers, etc. 

SmartWeb also offers a webmail to all e-mail addresses, which makes it possible to check your mail, as long as you have internet access. 


Below is the set of functions included in the integration: 

  • Built-in administration of e-mail in SmartWeb
  • Create and edit e-mail addresses
  • Automatic answer
  • Forwarding e-mails
  • Link to webmail

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